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This is my homepage for all of my quad stuff.  I have pictures of my build-up and some pictures of my trailer. 

What's new

I won the Summit County Indoors Series in my class.  I almost gave up on it cuz of some problems(see Race Day page and look-up the races).  But, I managed to win, so that's 1 series down and 3 more to go.

Well, it's that time of year again.  Yep, time for Summit County Indoors.  They are held January 10, 11,and 12, and February 21, 22, and 23.  With a practice day the Thursday before each weekend events.  the times for the events are as follows:  Friday; sign-up at 6pm, practice at 7pm, and race at 8pm, Saturday; sign-up at 10am, practice at 11am, and race at 7pm, Sunday; sign-up at 10am, practice at 11am, race at 2pm.

New sponsor and Friends rides pages now up

I'm done racing for the year.  I had a bad year for injuries and ended up doing pretty well towards the end of the season.  I'm hoping next year will be better and I get to race more and be safer.

Just got a FCR 39 carb.  This thing is the best single modification I have done.  It flat-out hauls.  This plus the new gearing(16/36) I think I have a better chance of doing well next year.  I can now pull wheelies, with the new higher gearing, where I couldn't with a lower gearing(15/37) before, since the longer swingarm.  I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants more power from their 400's.

oops! broken top ball joint and bent lower ball joint

well i got a new injury to list, see the injuries page for details

I finally got my trailer.  I will get pictures of it soon.  Still thinking of a name to put on the side of it.

My leg is healed and I'm ready to race.  As soon as start racing I will put my results and any pictures if get any.

This site contains just about everything about my 400ex.  I have just completed a winter build-up.  Pictures can be seen on the build-up page.  I planned on racing already this year, but I broke my leg on January 27, 2002.  That has had me back, I am still not ableto race yet.  When I am able I plan on racing as much as possible.  I will post news about how I am doing and have some pictures if I am able to get any.  I also have a page that lists all of the products that I installed on my 400.  So, I encourage you to browse through and enjoy!


my broken leg

questions or comments about this website or if u need to contact me, email me at

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